Job Recruiter FAQ

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Use the FAQ below to get to the bottom of it.


After I submit the job posting form, what happens next?

Don’t worry. Your job will not be posted online automatically.

  1. Fill out the job posting form to describe your new job opportunity.
  2. We’ll reply with a quote within one business day for approval and payment options.
  3. Then, we’ll post the job online and tweet it to the masses.
  4. After that, we’ll design a print ad send a proof for your approval and publish it in the next Wednesday’s newspaper.
  5. Need to renew? We’ll check in after a week to see how we can help.

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How much does it cost to post a job on your site?

The cost of your job posting is based on the size of your print display ad in Seven Days newspaper. A one-week posting can cost as little as $80 or as much as $1,850, but the average campaign costs about $450.

michelle-brownAccount executive Michelle Brown will provide a quote based on the information your provide on the “Post a Job” form. Depending on the diversity of your job postings (multiple departments, deadlines, etc.), you may want to combine your offerings into a single print ad or publish each opportunity separately for maximum exposure.

More questions about pricing? We recommend filling out the “Post a Job” form to get a fast and friendly quote within one business day. If you’d rather talk directly to a human, please contact Michelle Brown at 802-865-1020, ext. 21, or She’s always happy to help!

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What's included?

Seven Days Jobs is the perfect place to recruit qualified candidates for the best employment opportunities in Vermont. Your posting on this digital job board includes:

  • A seven-day posting online
  • Your job tweeted @SevenDaysJobs
  • A print ad in our popular weekly newspaper reaching 82,000+ readers
  • A self-serve dashboard to manage applicants and postings
  • Fast, friendly customer service from a real-life human!

Get Started

Why do you include a print newspaper ad?

Have you seen Seven Days lately? We’re publishing 100+ pages each week, and 10 to 20 of those pages are filled with job postings like yours. We still publish jobs in the newspaper because our recruiters say the print ads attract quality applicants. Our savvy readers are the candidates you want!

No matter how our fans discover your open positions, you can rest assured that candidates who use Seven Days Jobs are well-educated, motivated, conscientious and community-minded — just what you want from the next member of your team.

Give it a try!


I forgot my account password. Help!

Forgot password imageClick the “Log In” login link in the menu at the top of the screen. Underneath the “Log in/Register” buttons, you’ll see a link that says “Forgot your password?” Choose that link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Or just reset your password here. You’ll need to know the username or email address that you used to register originally.

I have some active job listings posted on your site. How do I see if someone has applied?

show-applicationsSimply log in to your account and on the first page you’ll see a section called “Your Job Listings.” You can also go here. Once you see your listings, you’ll know if someone has applied, by looking under the “Applications” column. If you see a purple “SHOW” button, click it to see the applications that have been submitted so far.

In addition, to the applicant tracking tool on our site, you will also receive an email for each application submitted at the address you specified when creating your job listing.

I hired someone! How do I remove my posting from your website?

mark-filledLog in to your account and the first page you’ll see is a section called “Your Job Listings.” You can also go here. Once you see your job listings, you can prevent users from applying to a job by clicking on the link “Mark filled” in the toolbar associated with that post.

If you made a mistake and need to re-enable the ad before your ad expires, just click the “Mark not filled” link and our users will be able to apply once again.

How can I make my job offer stand out?

You can pay $200 additional to make your job posting appear more prominently and frequently on our site. A “featured” job posting will appear at the top of search results, be highlighted in yellow and included in a carousel of “featured jobs” in various locations around the site. For pricing, please contact Michelle Brown at 802-865-1020, ext. 21, or

I need to extend my job posting. How do I renew my ad?

By default, all job postings are live on this site for a minimum of seven days — unless, of course you fill the job sooner! If you want to extend the life of the posting, there are a couple of ways to let us know:

  • Self-serve: Log in to your account, go the “My Job Listings” page, find the posting and click the “Renew” link. Michelle Brown will be notified and within one business day contact your for additional payment to get the posting back up online. Or…
  • Direct contact: You can contact Michelle Brown directly at 802-865-1020, ext. 21 or and she’ll get your posting back up online within one business day.

I'm constantly recruiting for the same position(s). How can I run a job posting for an extended period of time?

Seven Days Jobs will extend volume discounts to recruiters who are hiring on a regular basis. Contact Michelle Brown to request a creative custom quote to get your jobs in front of more qualified candidates on a consistent basis: 802-865-1020, ext. 21, or